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Our Legacy

KJCC is honored to present players with awards in recognition of their success and contributions to their team and club.

Team Awards

Player of the Day

Our Player of the Day ribbons are awarded weekly to a promising cricketer who has played fairly and respectfully, contributing to the team on and off the field. The ribbons may celebrate and recognise small or large successes, and are awarded at the discretion of the Coach. Coaches are encouraged to ask players to nominate a peer at the end of each game - encouraging players to celebrate their peers.

Teams are also encouraged to award a ribbon to a stand out player in the opposition.

Best Team Player

This is awarded annually to a player who is valuable to the team with equal consideration given to their performance and attitude. The recipient is a competent cricketer who contributes to their team on and off field, is encouraging of their teammates, plays with resilience, integrity and is respectful of coaches and management and opposition. The recipient consistently displays KJCC's value of fair play and a positive attitude.

Most Improved

This is awarded annually to recognise a player who is committed to developing their cricket skills and works hard to achieve their goals. The recipient  has shown stand out improvement in various areas of the game. This player has demonstrated determination in setting personal goals and achieving them and contributes to the team. This award is not exclusive to developing players, but can equally be awarded to a competent and confident cricketer who has improved throughout the season. This player also demonstrates KJCC's values of fair play and positive attitude.

Club Awards

KJCC Spirit of Cricket

This is awarded annually at KJCC's prizegiving to a cricketer or cricketers who role model KJCC's values and epitomises fair play. They are hardworking and diligent, committed to their own development and that of their teammates. They demonstrate a spirit of service and support the club by volunteering their time to help others - this might also include being willing to help the opposition when they're short of players. To be awarded the Spirit of Cricket, candidates must consistently display KJCC's values of fair play and display a positive and respectful attitude.

Phil Cook Memorial Trophy

Phil Cook, former KJCC Chairman, was a dedicated and passionate cricketer. Phil is fondly remembered for his contributions and legacy, particularly his dedication and support of budding cricketers in a programme he ran called 'Phil's Skills' (now Have-A-Go). The Phil Cook Memorial Trophy is awarded annually in his memory.

The Phil Cook Memorial Trophy is awarded to a Year 8 player in recognition of outstanding contribution to Karori Junior Cricket Club throughout their playing 'career' with KJCC. The trophy is awarded for performance, attitude and commitment to their team and club while demonstrating passion and commitment in the pursuit of excellence.

On-field and off-field performance are both celebrated in this award. The intended recipient is a passionate and motivated cricketer who upholds KJCC values and is recognised for consistently fair play.