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Girls Hub

Our ambition is to build a girls cricket hub in Karori and we need more girls (and mums, sisters, aunts...) to join us!

KJCC is committed to growing the girls' game by providing opportunities for girls

  • to play at all levels

  • to develop their capability, on and off the field

  • to grow their love for cricket. 

To show our committment to growing cricket for girls and women, KJCC introduced a Girls Convenor role to our committee structure in 2021, to focus on providing support and advocating for girls' cricket.

Cara Jacoby, a parent of three current players, volunteered for the role and has fostered positive relationships with our players, their families, other girls' teams in the region and Cricket Wellington. Cara is active in the Cricket Wellington Women and Girls' Working Group which has facilitated stronger connections between teams and provided a forum to discuss and solve the challenges being faced. 

The KJCC committee refreshed roles and responsibilities at the end of the 2021-22 season to reflect our desire to strengthen our players' experience and development as they progress. The role is now called Girls Development Officer and will work closely with the Club Development Officer. 

Advocating for Women and Girls 

KJCC works in partnership with Cricket Wellington to support initiatives such as YEAH! Girls - a social, fun, free, inclusive way to give cricket a go. We partner with local clubs to share opportunities with our girls' community. If you have an event, training or initiative in mind, we'd love to hear about and get our girls involved. 

Read more about the KJCC Girls Strategy and the Cricket Wellington Women and Girls Strategy below.

Girls Soft Ball (Sunday League Y5-8)

The Girls Soft Ball grade is soft ball cricket for girls in school years five to eight. The league plays on Sunday afternoons from 1pm. Pairs cricket format is played and games take approximately 90 minutes..

The team practices on a designated evening at Karori Park and has a dedicated coach as well as support from the Cricket Wellington Young Leaders women. This ensures girls are learning to play properly in a fun and supportive environment.

Because this league plays on Sundays, girls can choose to play Saturday morning (mixed) cricket as well.

Girls Hard Ball (Y7-11)

The Girls Hard Ball grade is hard ball cricket for girls in school years seven to eleven. The Girls grade is played on Saturday afternoons from 2.00pm during the cricket season and competes in Pairs, T20 and 30-over format.

For the 2021/22 season, several of our KJCC players were able to play in this league in partnership with the Wellington Collegians. Our ambition is to develop our own Premier Girls team and we are ready to do this but we need to hear from you. When we have enough girls to form our own team, KJCC is committed to providing dedicated coaching, technical skills training and leadership skills for on and off the field.

Please express your interest to play in this grade by contacting our Girls Development Officer - cara.jacoby@gmail.com.

Because this league plays on Saturday afternoons, girls can choose to play Saturday morning (mixed) cricket as well.

We provide options for girls to play mixed or girls only cricket and we want to provide additional opportunities - show us your interest! 

Big shout out to Ben & Jerry's Wellington shop (operated by a Karori-based family) for providing A-MOO-ZING Achiever rewards for our girls soft ball competition! ​​​​​​​

Welcome back to our Young Leaders girls soft ball coaches - Carys and Maddy! This is the second season they are joining us to support our parent coach and bring extra fun!

Hi, I am Carys Seddon. I am 15 years old, and I go to Samuel Marsden school. I started cricket when I was 5 years old and enjoyed playing and getting stronger as a pace bowler. I started coaching last year and I enjoy working with my great friend Maddy. I hope to get more girls enjoying cricket like I do.

Hi, I’m Maddy Dry. I am 15 years old, and a year 11 at Queen Margaret College. I have grown up around cricket, it has felt like a big family. I have had so much support and i want the kids that also play cricket to feel the same way i feel. I started coaching last year and have enjoyed it so much. Carys and I hope this season is even better than last year.